Key Instructions Issued by ECP to Caretaker Governments


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has recently issued crucial instructions to the caretaker governments in preparation for the upcoming general elections. The ECP emphasized the importance of ensuring a fair and level playing field for all candidates and political parties. These instructions aim to maintain transparency and impartiality throughout the election process.

One of the key instructions prohibits transfers and postings of public officers without obtaining prior written approval from the ECP. This ensures that there is no interference or manipulation in the election process from the government. In addition, all forms of recruitment within federal, provincial, and local government ministries, divisions, departments, or institutions are also temporarily banned, except in cases with prior approval from the Commission.

Another significant directive from the ECP restricts the caretaker governments from initiating new development projects, except for those that were already in progress or approved before the issuance of the notification. This ensures that there is no misuse of government resources or favoritism towards any particular group during the election period.

Furthermore, the ECP has instructed the interim governments to promptly vacate official residences and vehicles of former federal and provincial ministers. They have also been instructed to withdraw excess security personnel from former ministers and other individuals. Transparency is of the utmost importance, and this step ensures that there is no undue advantage given to any individuals during the election process.

The ECP has mandated that the interim authorities disclose their assets information within three days of assuming their responsibilities. This includes the assets and liabilities of both spouses and dependents. This promotes accountability and transparency among the caretaker governments and creates a level of trust among the public.

The Election Commission of Pakistan takes its responsibility of organizing and conducting fair elections seriously. It is committed to ensuring the successful execution of the general elections in line with the Constitution and existing laws. The ECP expects the interim administrations to fully collaborate and adhere to all the notifications, guidelines, and regulations outlined in the Elections Act of 2017.


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