ECP establishes monitoring centers for the 2024 election.


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has established Election Monitoring and Control Centers (EMCC) at provincial, divisional, and district levels to swiftly address and resolve complaints related to the general elections. Trained personnel have been deployed at these centers to handle complaints, maintain communication with relevant personnel, and stakeholders, including Returning Officers and District Returning Officers.

Individuals can register complaints by emailing them to [email protected] or sending them via WhatsApp to 0327-5050610. Additionally, a helpline at 111-327-000 has been set up to assist complainants from eight in the morning to six in the evening.

The scrutiny of nomination papers filed by candidates for the general elections 2024 has concluded, and appeals against the acceptance or rejection of nomination papers can be submitted until Wednesday. The preliminary list of candidates will be displayed on the eleventh of January, and candidates can withdraw their nomination papers by January 12. The electoral symbols will be allotted on the thirteenth of next month, and polling for the general elections will be held on February 8.


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