Demand for Palestinian keffiyehs in the US escalates despite increased harassment towards wearers amid Israel-Palestine conflict


An increasing number of Americans are using the keffiyeh, a patterned scarf closely associated with Palestinians, as a way to show support for Palestinians or demand a ceasefire to Israel’s attacks on Gaza. Sales of the scarves have skyrocketed since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, with distributors reporting a surge in demand. Searches for Palestinian scarves have also increased significantly.

The keffiyeh, which has been a symbol of Palestinian resistance since the 1930s, has seen a 75 percent rise in unit sales on Amazon compared to previous periods. Despite its popularity, wearers have reported verbal and physical abuse, and some have been forcibly removed by security forces at protests.

One US distributor, Azar Aghayev, reported that the scarves were selling out at a rapid pace, and searches for various styles of the keffiyeh have also seen significant spikes in interest. While the keffiyeh is common throughout the Arab world, it has been a symbol of Palestinian resistance and independence for decades.

However, wearing the keffiyeh has also made some individuals targets for abuse and assault. A variety of threats and attacks have been reported, with some individuals being verbally targeted and others experiencing physical violence. Despite the risks, many continue to wear the keffiyeh to show solidarity and support.


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