Dacoits Loot Father of Deceased Son in Gujranwala


In Gujranwala, the dacoits robbed the father of a deceased child in front of the police station, depriving him of thirty thousand rupees. According to details, in Gujranwala, a dacoity incident occurred in front of the police station Jandiyala Baghola on Pasrur Road, in which four dacoits, armed with weapons, robbed Tanveer Bhatti, a resident of Ram Pur, while he was carrying the dead body of his newborn son. Tanveer Bhatti stated that he was on his way home with his brothers on a motorcycle carrying the body of the newborn, when the dacoits stopped them and demanded money and mobile phones. He said that they told the dacoits about their situation and requested for mercy, but they did not listen. The affected person said that the dacoits took out thirty thousand rupees and two mobile phones from his pocket and then left. Tanveer Bhatti mentioned that he was going home with his two brothers on a motorcycle carrying the dead body of the child at eleven o’clock at night.


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