CTD officials involved in abduction for ransom, extorting two lakh from citizen


A incident has come to light in Karachi where the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has abducted a citizen and extorted two lakh rupees from him. Despite the citizen’s request, no action has been taken against the involved officials. According to details, on March 30, a plainclothes CTD officer abducted a citizen, Atif Islam, from Gulshan-e-Iqbal University Road in a police mobile. The officer also took Atif’s car with him and subjected him to four hours of torture and violence at an unknown location. To secure the citizen’s release, a deal was made for 15 lakh rupees, which was eventually settled for five lakh rupees. The citizen was taken from the unknown location to a bank in Mahmoodabad, where two lakh rupees were withdrawn by the bank’s ATM, and the rest of the money was to be paid the next day for his release. It was revealed through the car’s tracker that the citizen was taken to a CTD cell. A person named Sahil called the citizen, instructed him to deposit the money at the CTD cell, and even gave threats of severe consequences if the money was not paid. The citizen has provided a request and all relevant information to the senior police officers, but the police have so far been unable to take action against the CTD officials involved in the abduction and extortion. It should be noted that four CTD officials were arrested by the Special Investigation Unit four days ago for their involvement in the abduction and extortion of a citizen. The arrested officers were accused of abducting the citizen for ransom, and a case was registered at Tipu Sultan police station.


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