Critics Receive a Strong Response to their Criticism of Hazem Bengawar’s Attire


Fawad Chaudhry also criticized Hazim Bangwar’s attire: Photo: Web Desk

Karachi: Former Assistant Commissioner North Nazimabad, Hazim Bangwar, has given a befitting reply to those who criticized his unique attire on social media.
A grand ceremony of ‘Kashmir Hum Style Awards 2024’ was held in Karachi on the night of May 11, in which renowned and accomplished artists from the fashion, film, and drama industry participated.
In this award show, where Pakistani actresses were trolled on social media for their bold dresses, Hazim Bangwar caught the attention of social media users along with the ceremony due to his unique style.
Hazim Bangwar was dressed in a black outfit with artificial feathers, and as soon as he entered the ceremony with his distinctive style, the attendees were amazed, while he was mocked on social media.
Not only social media users, but also showbiz personalities and political figures criticized Hazim Bangwar, including Fawad Chaudhry.
Now Hazim Bangwar has issued a statement on his official Instagram handle in which he has reacted to the criticism from his critics.
Hazim Bangwar said, “In my opinion, most people have forgotten that I am also a human being and I also have the right to live my private life peacefully like others.”
He said, “I left my luxurious life behind for the service of the people, but I am paying the price for it. I am trolled daily because of my clothes, criticized, and inappropriate behavior is adopted towards me.”
Hazim Bangwar said, “I am fulfilling my professional responsibilities with commitment and I always go to my office wearing good and simple clothes.”
He complained, “No one expects a doctor to wear his lab coat in his private life, but I am expected to attend my private events in the same clothes that I wear in my office.”
Hazim Bangwar further said, “My only purpose is to serve the people, I am fulfilling my duties diligently and I hope that I will be allowed to fulfill my responsibilities peacefully in the future as well.”


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