Amateur Cricketer Collapses and Passes Away During Match


In a tragic incident, an amateur cricketer from Pakistan collapsed and sadly passed away during an unofficial ‘afternoon league’ match.

Muhammad Jaffar, a 38-year-old cricketer, was participating in a tennis-ball league tournament organized by the MOCL (Muscat Oman Cricket League) at Al Hail. He was playing for the Modern XI side.

An eyewitness and teammate revealed that “Jaffar had just been dismissed and returned to the temporary team tent. He sat down on a chair and drank a glass of water before collapsing on the ground.

“A few teammates and I immediately rushed him to the nearby hospital in Al Hail. The doctors performed resuscitation procedures for approximately 20-25 minutes but unfortunately, Jaffar could not be revived. The hospital authorities suspect that he might have suffered a heart attack,” he said.

Jaffar, originally from Gujarat in Pakistan, had been living in Oman for over a decade. He leaves behind his mother, wife, and four children. The teammates and other participants in the league were left in shock by Jaffar’s sudden passing.

The incident occurred around 4:30 PM when the weather was exceptionally hot. Jaffar’s teammate emphasized the importance of staying hydrated and urged players to drink plenty of water while playing under such conditions.


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