Could Gantz pose a threat to Netanyahu’s political influence in Israel? | Updates on Israel’s conflict with Gaza


Benny Gantz, the primary opposition to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a member of Israel’s war cabinet, is currently in Washington, DC at the invitation of the United States government. While some speculate that Gantz is there to strengthen ties with US officials and capitalize on Netanyahu’s waning popularity in Israel, his official agenda includes advocating for Israel’s actions in Gaza and seeking the release of Israeli captives.

During his visit, Gantz has met with US Vice President Kamala Harris, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and Middle East envoy Brett McGurk, receiving criticism about the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Gantz is also scheduled to meet with Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Despite leading Netanyahu in opinion polls, Gantz’s approval is believed by some to be more a reflection of opposition to the current prime minister rather than strong support for Gantz himself. As Netanyahu faces challenges including declining popularity, ongoing corruption trials, and criticism for his handling of the war on Gaza, many view Gantz as a moderate alternative.

Gantz’s party members have urged him to leave Netanyahu’s war cabinet, but opinions among voters are divided. Some see Gantz as a necessary counterforce to the right-wing elements in the government, while others believe it is time for him to withdraw his support and prevent the possible rise of far-right figures within the cabinet.

As calls for elections grow in Israel and Gantz’s party gains momentum, the political landscape remains uncertain. Meanwhile, ongoing violence in Gaza continues to raise concerns about the humanitarian situation and the potential for further casualties, while pressure mounts on the US and Israel to work towards a ceasefire.


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