Commanders’ Conference Announcement: Better Late Than Never, Faisal Wadha


Moralistically, the League should not accept special seats for the People’s Party, conversation with private television.
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Islamabad: Former Senator Faisal Vawda has said that the statement of the Corps Commander Conference, which the army took and the toughness it showed, should have been shown earlier. In the past eight to ten years, unnecessary institutions have been defamed by all political parties.
If this action had been stopped at that time, we would not have to see these days today, but better late than never. It is a good step. In a conversation with a private TV channel, he said that allegations cannot be made against Supreme Court judges without evidence. This is a way. If anything is found, refer it to the Supreme Judicial Council.
Similarly, if you have a problem with the army, you should go through their mechanisms, but it cannot be that you speak against them on social media, a special campaign is being run on social media, earning dollars from YouTube.
The more abuse you give, the more views increase and dollars are received, the stance the army has taken is very good, it is necessary for Pakistan’s independence, it is a good step to stop the mistakes made in the past, those who have set fires, have suffered losses, should be referred to the army courts because an attack has been made in the domain of the army, it cannot be that you attack the army and someone else decides, the incident of May 9 was real, the attack on Imran Khan was also real.
By calling it a drama, you are wrong, as well as pushing us, which should not be our job. As you want to investigate the events of May 9, do it exactly, its trial should be in the army courts, similarly, investigate the murders in Model Town as well. The Bhutto case took 52 years for the Judicial Commission, those who raised slogans, their case should be in the Supreme Courts. Give them a timeline and decide in four to six months.
They should also be punished, but soft punishments, they said that they had faults in Form 45 and Form 47. There is no tampering. It happened in 2018 as well. It happened in 2013 as well. But it was done in an artistic manner. Regarding giving specific seats to certain parties, they said it is a legal matter, however, morally the League or People’s Party should not be given special seats, they should not be accepted.
They should not be given to PTI either; they said their opinion and analysis is that the Supreme Court will adopt an intermediate path under which they will say that it should not be given to PTI because they did not submit the list. It will not be given to any other party either.


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