Churches Burnt Down in Jarranwala Pakistan Amidst Blasphemy Allegations

Jarranwala 4 churches vandelised

News Bulletin: Churches burnt down in Jarranwala over the allegation of disrespect of the Quran in an alleged letter. TLP mobs have attacked the Christian colonies and are vandalising & looting the houses of local Christians. Mob has blocked the Lahore-Multan motorway, and as per reports, vehicles have been set on fire as well by the mob. Loudspeakers of mosques are being used to incite people to mob violence against Christians

*Jarranwala, Pakistan* – In a shocking incident, four churches were demolished and burned in Jarranwala, Pakistan, over allegations of blasphemy. Punjab police were present at the scene but reportedly did not intervene to stop the mob. Eyewitnesses claim that officers appeared scared and were seen fleeing from the angry crowd.

The churches were targeted on Wednesday afternoon following rumors of blasphemy circulating in the area. A mob of hundreds gathered around the religious buildings, shouting slogans and demanding action against those alleged to be involved in the blasphemy incident. The crowd grew increasingly aggressive, leading to the destruction of the four churches. The extent of the damage is still being assessed, and authorities are investigating the origin of the blasphemy accusations.

While Punjab police are busy using excessive force and repression against supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and its leader, Imran Khan. The police have been cracking down on PTI supporters in Punjab, leading to allegations of human rights abuses. The apparent inaction of the police during the church attacks has further fueled criticism of their conduct.

Human rights organizations and religious groups have condemned the destruction of the churches and called for a thorough investigation into the incident. Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar Ul Haq Kaakar has also expressed his concern over the incident, urging the police and local authorities to ensure the safety and security of religious minorities in the region.

The international community is likely to react to the incident and call for an impartial investigation into the church attacks and the alleged police Inaction. The U.S. State Department has been quiet about gross human rights violations against the supporters of Imran Khan terming it Pakistan’s internal matter The question arises are they going to issue a statement expressing its concern over the incident and urge Pakistan to protect the rights of religious minorities?

Pakistan’s religious minorities, including Christians, have faced discrimination and violence in the past. The recent incident in Jarranwala highlights the ongoing challenges that these communities face in the country. Religious leaders and civil society organizations are calling for increased protection of religious minorities and stricter measures against those involved in hate crimes.

The situation in Jarranwala remains tense, with heavy police deployment in the area to prevent any further escalation of violence. Authorities have appealed for calm and are urging residents to refrain from spreading rumors that could incite further violence.

*This is a developing story, and we will provide updates as more information becomes available.*


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