China’s FM emphasizes the importance of dialogue between Political Forces

    China Wants Political Stability In Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD: China’s Foreign Minister Qe Gang, while announcing his support for Pakistan’s financial stability and the global financial crisis, said he hoped that Pakistan’s political forces would sit together and work hard to overcome challenges. It is learned that the joint press conference between the foreign ministers of China and Pakistan was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said at the press conference that Foreign Minister Bhutto is welcome to visit China. I hope Foreign Minister Bhutto will visit China soon. Qen Gong said that the two countries are satisfied with the progress of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and that the Chinese market is of great help to Pakistani products. He said that China appreciated Pakistan’s contribution to the war against terrorism. China’s foreign minister said that mutual flights between Pakistan and China have returned to normal and the situation in the country has returned to before the outbreak of the new coronavirus. On his part, Qen Gong said that we are grateful to Pakistan for its firm support and support to solve the problems between countries through dialogue. He said he hoped that the political forces of Pakistan would sit together and try to overcome the challenges. Regarding the talks, he said Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto and I agreed to discuss all issues and agreed to enhance cooperation in the areas of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Science, Technology, and Agriculture, and we supported Pakistan to maintain financial stability. in the middle of the world financial crisis What do I advertise? The Chinese Foreign Minister said that one of the important objectives of this visit is the tripartite talks between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Qin Gang said that last month, Foreign Minister Hinna Khar and I attended the meeting on the Afghan issue. We will work to build consensus among the countries of the region on the Afghan issue. China fully supports Pakistan’s participation in the Afghan negotiations. He further stated that China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are close neighbors and that Pakistan and China are willing to provide assistance for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. He hoped that Afghanistan would address the terrorist concerns of neighboring countries and that the tripartite talks would be a complete success. success. The Chinese Foreign Minister made it clear that Pakistan and Afghanistan can resolve the issue through dialogue and negotiations, and that China is preparing to strengthen security cooperation and fight terrorism with ‘Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the international community has a responsibility to work hard to solve the problem. afghan issue the people.


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