China calls for self-harming attack; Pakistan ups security and aims to eliminate security risks, says China


In Beijing, China has demanded Pakistan to take concrete steps and enhance security, including complete elimination of security risks, following the suicide attacks on Chinese engineers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Li Jian revealed in a weekly press briefing that on March 28, the Chinese Inter-Agency Working Group was sent to Pakistan, immediately beginning emergency response efforts with the Pakistani embassy and relevant companies.
He informed that the head of the Working Group, Bai Tian, met with the Pakistani Foreign Minister, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and Interior Minister, urging for immediate and thorough investigations into the recent terrorist attacks.
Li Jian stated that Pakistan should take solid measures to enhance security and eliminate security risks, ensuring the complete protection of Chinese officials, institutions, and projects. Efforts should be made to ensure the security of all Chinese personnel, offices, and projects in Pakistan.


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