Chief Minister of Punjab opens new Emergency Block at Jinnah Hospital


The CM visited the new emergency and reviewed provision of latest medical facilities. Mohsin Naqvi also inaugurated the medical and surgical emergency after their upgradation. He inspected the ICU and appreciated the steps being taken for the provision of latest beds.

Punjab CM lauded the treatment facilities being provided in the new emergency, adding that state of the art emergency block consists of 150 beds. Excellent treatment facilities have been provided to the patients in the new emergency.

CM Naqvi commended Federal Minister Gohar Ejaz, Secretary Health, Secretary C&W, administration of Jinnah Hospital and the whole team. He congratulated the whole team on working day and night for the completion of this project.

Mohsin Naqvi inspected the new air condition plant. It was informed during the briefing that for the first time anti-bacterial paint was used so as to make the emergency block infection-free. For the first time, infection-free tiles have been installed in the operation theatres of the emergency block.

Later talking to journalists, the chief minister apprised that five big hospitals of Punjab after their upgradation will be opened in next four to five days. Emergency of Children Hospital Multan, Nishtar-II, PIC Lahore and Mayo Hospital are being functional.

DG Khan Cardiology Hospital was an old project which has approximately being completed after carrying out day and night hard work. Indus Hospital is being donated to the Punjab government in order to make it a cancer hospital. The Indus Hospital being donated to the Punjab government and it would cost around Rs 60 to 70 billion.

Mohsin Naqvi said that hopefully, the matters regarding the cancer hospital are in the last stages and will be settled soon. He appreciated the nobel gesture of Indus Hospital management for handing over a big hospital to the Punjab government.

“We want to run the arrangements of the cancer hospital in collaboration with the Indus Hospital. Indus Hospital is going to become the first complete cancer hospital of Punjab which will carry a great burden of patients. Excellent and complete free treatment will be provided in the cancer hospital. So far, no cancer hospital is under the management of the Punjab government.

CM said that Federal Minister Gohar Ejaz, Health Department, administration of Jinnah Hospital, his team and other all concerned persons deserve congratulations.

Federal Minister Gohar Ejaz holds a deep liking for the Jinnah Hospital as he selflessly devoted many years of his life for the Jinnah Hospital. Gohar Ejaz also provides free food in the big hospitals of Punjab and is also nicely running the dialysis centre and Allah Almighty will reward him for his nobel deeds. He informed that further mega projects after their completion will be opened in coming few days.

The emergency of PIC has been upgraded. One emergency is being run by the friends of PIC and ‘we request them to upgrade it as well. The whole team worked day and night for the upgradation of hospitals. My team is seen to the working in the field even late at night 2 am. The whole credit goes to the team.

We are handing over every big hospital after its upgradation to the new coming government in the year 2024.’

Hopefully, the coming government will work even better than us. 104 big roads, 100 hospitals, express way, main highways and dozens of other projects will be completed by 31st January.

Mohsin Naqvi stated that there is no shortage of the medicines in the emergency. If any complaint is registered then stern action is taken forthwith. We are upgrading and making infection-free all the operation threats.


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