Car Plunges into Waterfall: Father-Daughter Duo Rescued by Brave Picnickers


In a terrifying incident, witnesses captured the moment a car fell into a waterfall in Indore city, Madhya Pradesh, India. The heart-stopping video shows a father and his daughter trapped inside the sinking vehicle, desperately screaming for help.

The viral video quickly spread across social media platforms, shocking viewers worldwide. Prompt action from nearby picnickers ensured the duo’s safety as a brave man jumped into the pool to rescue them.

Several other bystanders joined in the rescue efforts, ensuring a safe retrieval of the father and daughter from the submerged car.

The video captures the moment as the red car approaches the edge of a rocky surface and plunges into the pool. A man near the pool swiftly jumps in, swimming towards the sinking vehicle where the terrified screams of the young girl can be heard.

Sunil Mathew, an eyewitness, stated, “I witnessed the car falling into the waterfall. The man and his 13-year-old daughter, the occupants of the car, desperately tried to escape as the vehicle slid. Unfortunately, the car fell into the pool with them inside.”

He continued, “The duo was drowning, so I immediately jumped into the water and rescued the man trapped inside the car. The girl was saved by the others present at the scene. Initially, I was in shock witnessing such a distressing incident, but I mustered the courage to act.”

Superintendent of Police (Rural) Sunil Mehta shared his insight, attributing the accident to the driver’s negligence.

“The car had been parked carelessly in close proximity to the waterfall. It seems that the car started rolling after the trunk was forcefully closed, leading it to plunge into the water,” explained Mehta.


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