Bloomberg Report: PML-N Leads in Economic Management for the Last 30 Years


A recent report by Bloomberg Economics has declared the PML-N as having the “best performance in managing the economy over the past three decades” compared to its political rivals. The report used a combination of unemployment and inflation data called the misery index to score the performance of the PML-N, PTI, and PPP. According to the report, the PML-N “scored better” than the PTI and the PPP based on this index.

The report also noted that with Imran Khan’s legal troubles and the PML-N’s rising popularity, Nawaz Sharif “looks set to resume power” after the February 8 general polls.

Ankur Shukla of Bloomberg Economics commented on the situation, saying that the road ahead won’t be easy for any party that wins the election due to high inflation and unemployment levels. The report also mentioned that the new government will need to implement unpopular policies such as withdrawing subsidies and raising taxes.

The PML-N responded to the report, claiming that Nawaz Sharif’s work has earned him “respect on a global scale” and widespread praise in the international media.

Nawaz Sharif has been actively campaigning for the upcoming elections and has promised to usher in a new age of development if elected.


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