Biden Pens Two Distinct Letters on Gaza War, Tailored to US Audience | Latest on Israel-Palestine Conflict


President Joe Biden has been criticized for delivering two different messages on the Israel-Hamas war to different American audiences. NBC News reported that the White House sent one letter to pro-Israel Americans, expressing support for Israel against Hamas and mentioning the Holocaust in relation to a Hamas attack. Another letter was sent to pro-Palestinian Americans, focusing on aid to Palestine and the protection of civilians in Gaza.

Biden’s letter to pro-Israel Americans pledged continuous support to Israel and efforts to return captives taken by Hamas. It emphasized that the United States stands with Israel and will ensure it has what it needs to defend itself against terrorism. On the other hand, Biden’s letter to pro-Palestinian Americans focused on aid to Palestine and emphasized the protection of civilians during conflict.

The differing messages reflect the political challenges Biden faces as he navigates between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian elements of his coalition. In an opinion piece, Biden wrote that Gaza and the occupied West Bank should be reunited under a single governance structure. He also emphasized the need to prevent the use of Gaza as a platform for terrorism and to respect the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

Biden and two of his cabinet members are being sued for failing to prevent and aiding and abetting “genocide” in Gaza. The US president’s policies and actions in the Israel-Hamas conflict continue to face criticism and scrutiny, with demonstrations and protests taking place in Washington, DC.

The death toll in the conflict continues to rise, with thousands of people, including many children, being killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza and Hamas attacks in Israel. The situation remains a challenging and contentious issue for the Biden administration.


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