Biden Issues Debate Challenge to Trump Ahead of November Vote | US Election 2024 Updates


Joe Biden has challenged Donald Trump to two debates before the election, bypassing the traditional debate schedule set by a bipartisan commission. Biden called on Trump to join him for televised presidential debates in June and September, poking fun at Trump’s legal troubles in the process.

In response, Trump accepted the challenge and recommended more debates for excitement purposes, calling for a large venue to accommodate the crowds. Biden later confirmed a debate on June 27 and urged Trump to attend, emphasizing that they could debate anywhere, anytime.

Polls show a close race between the two candidates, with key swing states playing a critical role in determining the outcome. However, there is widespread frustration with the choice being the same as in 2020.

Both candidates face challenges before the election, with Trump dealing with legal issues and Biden facing criticism for his stance on Israel during the Gaza conflict. Despite the hurdles, Trump continues to challenge Biden to a one-on-one debate, while Biden’s campaign explains their decision to bypass the traditional debate schedule for more flexibility.


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