Biden emerges as victor in Michigan primary amid criticism for response to Israel-Gaza conflict | Latest updates on Donald Trump


Media projections indicate that President Joe Biden has won the Democratic presidential primary in Michigan, but he faced some opposition due to his support for Israel’s war on Gaza. Early counts showed that 80 percent of the votes went to Biden, while 14.5 percent were marked as “uncommitted” in protest of his Gaza policy, surpassing the organizer’s goal of 10,000 protest votes.

In contrast, former President Donald Trump won the Republican presidential primary in Michigan by a large margin, solidifying his hold on the party’s nomination. Michigan is expected to be a crucial battleground state in the upcoming November election, as it narrowly favored Biden over Trump in the 2020 election.

Many in Michigan’s Arab-American community and progressive Democrats are outraged by Biden’s stance on Israel’s offensive in Gaza, leading to the “uncommitted” effort gaining traction. Despite efforts from the White House and the Biden campaign to address these concerns, community leaders remain firm in their criticism.

The “uncommitted” movement, supported by groups like Listen to Michigan and prominent figures like Representative Rashida Tlaib and former Representative Andy Levin, has seen significant success in the primary so far. They believe that denying Biden a significant victory margin can send a message about his handling of the Gaza conflict.

Trump’s strong showing in the Republican primary, winning support from various voter demographics but facing challenges among suburban voters and college-educated individuals, indicates his continued dominance within the party. Despite a fundraising advantage for Nikki Haley and her pledge to continue her campaign, Trump remains the frontrunner with significant support nationwide.


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