Bhaarti Shehriyon Ki Rusi Fauj Mein Shamil Hone Ki Tasdeeq


Two years have passed since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine – Photo: Reuters

Moscow / New Delhi: The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has confirmed that their citizens have joined the Russian army and are being provided assistance, but efforts are being made for their safe return.

According to reports by the news agency AFP, Indian newspapers have reported that 18 Indian citizens are stationed in the frontline areas on the border in the Ukraine war.

It was reported that three citizens have been forced to join the ranks of the Russian troops on the frontline.

The Indian military did not confirm whether Indian citizens have been assigned the responsibility to fight in the Ukraine war, but stated that the government was aware that some of their citizens had entered into agreements to assist the Russian army.

The Ministry of External Affairs stated that the Indian embassy in Moscow is in continuous contact with the relevant authorities in Russia for the release of their citizens.

The statement emphasized that all Indian citizens are urged to remain vigilant and stay away from this conflict.

According to Indian media, these citizens were lured into this work by individuals in Dubai with promises of high salaries and the temptation of Russian passports, and upon reaching Moscow, they were trained by the Russian army in handling weapons and ammunition usage, and were sent to the border in January.

The newspaper claimed that contrary to these reports, multiple Indian citizens have provided assistance to the Ukrainian army in a positive manner, and reports of fighting for the opposing side have also emerged.


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