Balochistan Cabinet gives approval for purchase of wheat at official level


Quetta: Approval for the purchase of wheat at the official level has been given by the Balochistan cabinet. According to the decision of the provincial cabinet, the food department will purchase 500,000 metric tons of wheat next year, and in this regard, the provincial cabinet has approved setting the support price of wheat in Balochistan equal to that of Sindh.
This decision has been made to stop wheat smuggling from Balochistan to Sindh. In order to ensure transparency in wheat procurement, Chief Minister Mir Sanaullah Zehri has formed a monitoring committee consisting of members of the assembly.
Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Sanaullah Zehri said that corruption exists in the wheat supply chain, which will be stopped. He directed the food secretary to ensure the availability of wheat at all purchase centers.
The provincial cabinet has decided to change the method of procuring wheat for the first time in Balochistan’s history, stating that modern eco-friendly bags will be purchased as needed, and farmers will be paid instead of providing wheat in the upcoming financial year.
The provincial cabinet has decided to end wheat procurement at the government level from next year. A transparent distribution of available 58,000 bags will be done by the food department. No further traditional wheat bags will be purchased. The Chief Minister has also directed the food department to cancel the tender.


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