5 People Killed in Rawalpindi Traffic Accident


A tragic traffic accident in Rawalpindi has claimed the lives of at least five individuals, while six others sustained injuries. According to rescue officials, the accident occurred due to a collision between a van and a truck. The injured victims and the bodies of the deceased have been rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention and post-mortem procedures.

Among the injured, there are four women and two men, while the deceased include four men and one woman. This incident adds to the escalating number of road accidents in the region and emphasizes the need for enhanced road safety measures.

Regrettably, this is not an isolated incident. On August 25th, another fatal road accident took place in Toba Tek Singh, where four people lost their lives, and ten others were injured. A van collided with a tractor-trolley on Kamalia Road, resulting in immediate fatalities and critical injuries. The wounded victims were taken to the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital for urgent medical care, while the deceased bodies were transported to the Rural Health Centre Rajana.

These distressing incidents serve as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining caution and adhering to traffic rules. It is crucial for all road users to prioritize safety and responsible driving to prevent further loss of innocent lives.


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