Arrest of the cruel criminal accused of cutting wife’s nose and ears, along with accomplices


The police in Qasoor received information and immediately filed a case and arrested the suspects.

Qasoor: The police arrested the vicious suspect who cut off his wife’s nose and ears, along with his accomplice. According to the police, information was received about the wife’s nose and ears being cut off in the Phoolnagar area of Qasoor, upon which immediate action was taken, the suspects were arrested along with the accomplice and a case was filed.

IG Punjab Dr. Osman Anwar, while applauding the immediate arrest of the suspect, has instructed the DPO of Qasoor and the police team to complete the legal proceedings quickly and ensure that the culprits are punished accordingly.

According to the DPO of Qasoor, under the direction of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, priority measures are being taken under the Never Again campaign to prevent gender-based crimes. After the incident in Phoolnagar, the affected woman has been transferred to the hospital, while the main suspect, Latif, has been arrested along with his accomplice and another female suspect is being raided for arrest.


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