Another Biden Administration Staffer Steps Down Due to US Position on Conflict in Gaza | Israel-Gaza Conflict Update


Lily Greenberg Call, a former special assistant to the chief of staff in the US Interior Department, has publicly resigned in protest of the US government’s support for Israel amid the Gaza conflict. She stated that she could not, in good conscience, continue to represent the administration and condemned President Biden’s remarks on the conflict. Greenberg, who is Jewish, expressed her concern that Biden is making Jews the face of the American war machine, which she finds deeply wrong.

Several other Biden administration officials have also resigned in protest of the US’s Gaza policy, including a former US Army officer. The resignations come as anger mounts over Biden’s unwavering support for Israel despite the rising death toll in Gaza and accusations of genocide against Palestinians. More than 35,000 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been internally displaced due to Israel’s military offensive.

Despite mounting criticism, the Biden administration plans to send an additional one billion dollars in military assistance to Israel. This decision has sparked condemnation from rights advocates, who have long called for a suspension of all weapons transfers to Israel. While a recent State Department report found that Israeli forces may have used US-supplied weapons in a manner inconsistent with international law, it did not halt ongoing military aid.

Josh Paul, a former State Department official who resigned over the Gaza policy, believes that the tide is turning against Biden’s Middle East policy. He notes that key demographics within the Democratic base, including young people, progressives, and voters of color, are increasingly opposed to Biden’s stance on Gaza. Calls for Biden to cease American support for Israeli war crimes are growing louder.

In her interview with The Associated Press, Call reiterated that Israel’s Gaza war and US support for it are disastrous. She urged President Biden to consider the consequences of his actions, not just for Palestinians and Israelis, but also for Americans and his own election prospects. As dissent within the administration and among Democratic voters continues to grow, Biden faces mounting pressure to change his approach to the Gaza conflict.


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