Amna rejected casting me due to being attractive.


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Mumbai: Bollywood actress Dia Mirza has revealed that she was not cast in the series “Doctor Aurora” by director Imtiaz Ali because of her beauty. According to Indian media, Dia Mirza said in a recent interview that Imtiaz Ali had refused to cast her in the series because he thought she was too beautiful.

Dia Mirza said that she had auditioned for the role of a character named Vishali in the series, but Imtiaz Ali and his casting team rejected her by saying that she was not perfect for the role.

The actress said that Imtiaz Ali wanted to cast an actress in the role who was not very beautiful and looked like a housewife, but she wanted to play that role so she contacted the casting team again.

She said that when the casting team called her, she was out working and she called her domestic worker, asking her to send her sari, she went home, wore the sari and changed her hairstyle to look like a housewife.

After that, she sent some photos to Imtiaz Ali and asked him not to reject her from the series because of her beauty, she could perform the role well.

She further said that Imtiaz Ali asked for some time to think and then two days later, he called and said that she had been cast in the series.


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