Alizeh Shah Shares Cryptic Post Amid Assault Allegations


Popular showbiz starlet Alizeh Shah has finally broken her silence regarding the recent assault allegations made against her by her co-star Minsa Malik. Taking to her Instagram feed late on Friday, Shah shared a recent selfie accompanied by a cryptic caption, without directly mentioning any names.

The caption read, “Haseen itna lago k 3 4 case log jealousy mayn thokk dayn” which roughly translates to “Be so beautiful that people file cases out of jealousy.” This post appears to be a subtle reference to the case filed against her by her co-star, accusing her of professional jealousy.

Shah’s post received immense support from thousands of her followers who expressed their solidarity and encouragement in the comments section.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, rising actor Minsa Malik, known for her roles in popular serials such as “Aulaad” and “Nand,” filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Shah in Islamabad earlier this week. In the complaint, Malik requested security and alleged that Shah was under the influence of drugs during a recording session for their upcoming serial. She further claimed that Shah physically assaulted her and even threw a marijuana cigarette at her.

In response to these allegations, Alizeh Shah shared a blog post by Ayesha Jahangir Malik, who praised Shah’s professionalism and asserted that it was actually Malik who displayed unprofessional behavior by slapping Shah first. This post titled “Talk to me: Alizeh Shah breaks social media” sheds light on the true nature of the incident.

While the situation remains ongoing, Alizeh Shah’s cryptic post serves as a means for her to express her perspective amidst the allegations made against her. Fans and followers eagerly await further updates regarding this matter.


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