Afghan Deportees Seek Means to Reclaim What They Cannot Leave Behind- Global Perspective


The Pakistani border post at Torkham has been crowded with hundreds of families waiting to cross the border into Afghanistan. Many Afghans, who have considered themselves Pakistani due to living in Pakistan for most of their lives, are now fearful as they prepare to return to Afghanistan. However, authorities have imposed restrictions on the belongings and cash that Afghans can carry across the border, and they are not allowed to bring their livestock. Residents at the Karachi camp are pleading for more time to leave, as their money and businesses are stranded in Pakistan. Over 2,000 people are being processed each day, but there have already been reports of indiscriminate arrests and extortion by the police, with lawyers highlighting the mistreatment of women, especially pregnant women and those with disabilities. Maroza Bibi, who has lived in Pakistan for decades, is among the Afghans leaving in fear of arrest. Despite hoping for Pakistani nationality, she is returning to Afghanistan almost empty-handed. Zulfiqar Khan, born to refugee parents, is leaving Pakistan with uncertainty and mental stress, unsure of what awaits him in Afghanistan.


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