Adnan Sadiq gives an example of women in my show by comparing them to bees and makes them blush.


Adnan Siddiqui had compared women to bees: Photo: Web Desk

After senior actor Adnan Siddiqui’s recent statement regarding bees and women, Pakistani actress Mehwish Khan has faced harsh criticism. Mehwish Khan released a video message on her official Instagram handle, in which she said that she was very happy when Adnan Siddiqui was honored with the Pride of Performance award last month, but recently he made a statement during a show that left her very surprised.

The actress said that after receiving such a big award, what has happened to Adnan Siddiqui? After receiving the award, a person’s sense of humor should also be great, but if you cannot make such jokes, you should talk normally instead of making low-level jokes.

She further said, addressing Adnan Siddiqui, that by comparing women to bees, what example are you setting? You received the Presidential award for your outstanding work, after which your sense of humor should be at a high level, but that seems to be lacking.

Mehwish Khan also said that during the show, the host Nida Yasir had shown interest in Adnan Siddiqui’s example, but if this example had been given in my show, I would have sat on Adnan Siddiqui like a bee on honey, causing swelling on his face, and then that swelling would only go away with medicine.

It is clear that Adnan Siddiqui recently appeared on Nida Yasir’s show, where during the conversation, he said that the example of women and bees is the same, the more you chase women, the further they will run away from you and when a person sits quietly by holding his hand, women come like bees on the hand.

After Adnan Siddiqui’s statement, social media users had strongly criticized him, calling him a vulgar and indecent person.

Later, Adnan Siddiqui apologized for his statement, saying that he had said that in a humorous way, and his intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings.


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