Accusation of Slapping: Rashed Latif Sends Journalist a Billion-Dollar Warning Note


Karachi: Former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, Rashid Latif, has stated that he has never slapped or raised his voice in front of the great cricketer and former Test captain, Javed Miandad. In response to the allegations made by a journalist, Rashid Latif has released a detailed statement on social media and announced his intention to send a legal notice of one billion rupees to PJ Mir.

In his statement on social media, Rashid Latif said, “Javed bhai is not only a legend of Cricket, but he is also a national hero and a respected figure in Pakistan. I was honored to debut for Pakistan under his captaincy.” He further expressed his admiration for Javed Miandad, stating that he has learned a lot from him and holds him in high regard, similar to a father figure.

Rashid Latif clarified that PJ Mir had made baseless allegations against him on a television program, claiming that he had slapped Javed Miandad in 1993. He deemed these allegations as extremely false. He further revealed that he has sent a legal notice to PJ Mir through his legal advisor. He requested PJ Mir to apologize unconditionally within fourteen days or be prepared for legal action.

It should be noted that during a private television program, journalist PJ Mir had claimed that after an altercation in the dressing room, Rashid Latif had slapped Javed Miandad. However, when Rashid Latif arrived at the scene, Javed Miandad was sitting outside, which saddened him greatly.

Source: Rashid Latif Twitter account.


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