Tragic Death of 9-Year-Old Housemaid Allegedly due to Torture in Khairpur’s Ranipur, Pakistan


A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in Khairpur district’s Ranipur area, where a nine-year-old girl has reportedly died due to severe torture at the haveli (mansion) she worked at as a child housemaid. The news surfaced after disturbing videos of the girl’s body, showing clear signs of torture, during her burial circulated in the district.

Following the death of the maid, her mother filed a complaint with the Ranipur police station, leading to the registration of a First Information Report (FIR) against the accused under Sections 34 (common intention) and 302 (premeditated murder) of the Pakistan Penal Code. The main suspect and owner of the mansion where the deceased worked, Pir Asad Shah, has been apprehended.

According to the district’s Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Jiskani, the main suspect or his servants took the girl to a local hospital, where the doctors claimed she was suffering from gastroenteritis. Initially, the parents chose not to disclose the facts to the police and proceeded with the burial on August 15. However, upon being informed by the police that action would be taken, including exhumation and filing a case, if the facts were not revealed, the girl’s mother decided to provide details.

In a heart-rending statement, the victim’s mother stated, “My daughter had a fractured arm. She had bruises and marks, apparently from torture, on her body, particularly around her neck and belly.”

In order to investigate the matter and confirm allegations of torture, the DIG has formed a three-member team to conduct a thorough inquiry and exhume the girl’s body.

This incident follows another tragic case last month where a child housemaid, employed by a civil judge, was reportedly subjected to severe torture by her employers at their residence in Islamabad.

Such distressing incidents highlight the urgent need for stricter laws and enforcement against child labor and abuse in Pakistan. The authorities must ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice and take steps to prevent such tragedies from recurring. The safety and well-being of child laborers should be prioritized, and their rights protected to ensure a more humane society for all.


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