Current 5-Year Term of the National Assembly Hailed as the “Worst in Pakistan’s History’: PML-N’s Abbasi


PML-N leader, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has criticized the performance of the National Assembly during the current 5-year term, labeling it as the “worst in Pakistan’s history”. Speaking to the media at Parliament, Abbasi expressed disappointment at the lackluster performance of the assembly.

According to Abbasi, bills presented in the house were often not reviewed thoroughly, while the use of verbal abuse became rampant in politics. He further lamented the lack of understanding of parliamentary norms and democracy among the ruling party and the opposition. Abbasi asserted that the nation was eager to rid itself of this National Assembly.

Abbasi reiterated these concerns on the floor of the assembly, highlighting that around 40 bills related to universities were passed during the final week of the term. He described this as a disgraceful state of affairs. Abbasi also emphasized the need for a strong opposition in Parliament, claiming that the absence of one renders the institution incomplete.

The former prime minister expressed his regret that legislation over the past five years primarily served the interests of the government rather than the people. He also noted the erosion of trust in Parliament, suggesting that concrete and practical measures were necessary for its restoration.

The term of the National Assembly was divided between two governments, namely the PTI and the PDM. The PTI held power for approximately 44 months, followed by a ruling coalition led by the PDM for 16 months after the removal of ex-prime minister Imran Khan through a no-confidence motion in April 2022.

Despite his criticism, Abbasi’s remarks highlight the importance of revitalizing parliamentary traditions and restoring public trust in the National Assembly.


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