19 Members of KP Caretaker Cabinet Submit Resignations on ECP’s Instructions: Interim Minister


In compliance with the instructions from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), nineteen members of the caretaker cabinet in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) have submitted their resignations. The interim Minister of Information, Feroze Jamal, confirmed the resignations and stated that he, along with other cabinet members, had resigned on the ECP’s directives.

The ECP had instructed the caretaker Chief Minister of KP to immediately dismiss ministers, advisors, and special assistants “involved in politics” in order to ensure a free and fair electoral process in the province. This step was taken after Ali Amin Khan Gandapur, the Chief of PTI KP, wrote a letter to the ECP, signed by 52 former MPAs, requesting a level-playing field for all political parties in the upcoming general elections.

Jamal mentioned that those members who are currently out of the city will be returning to submit their resignations. If they are unable to resign for any reason, they will be de-notified tomorrow. However, it is too early to determine when the resignations will be accepted.

The caretaker government has been in place in KP since January when the provincial cabinet was dissolved following PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s decision to distance himself from the “current corrupt political system” by resigning from the assemblies where his party held power.

To ensure fairness in the upcoming elections, the PTI’s KP chapter, along with 52 former MPAs, approached the ECP seeking equal opportunities for all political parties. In a letter to the ECP, they expressed concerns about the impartiality and intentions of the KP caretaker government, stating that it consisted mostly of members from parties belonging to the Pakistan Democratic Movement, as well as their allies like PPP and ANP.

In response to the PTI’s letter, the ECP wrote to the interim Chief Minister of KP, urging him to remove cabinet members involved in politics. The ECP emphasized its responsibility, as per Article 218(3) of the Constitution, to organize and conduct elections in a fair and transparent manner. It stated that a level-playing field must be provided to all stakeholders, including contesting candidates, in order to ensure credible elections.

The ECP noted that caretaker government officials should remain objective and refrain from participating in politics or election campaigns, as outlined in the Elections Act, 2017. It expressed concern over the appointment of interim cabinet members based on political affiliations and urged the government to prioritize the matter.

By following the ECP’s instructions and resigning from their positions, the members of the caretaker cabinet in KP have taken a step towards ensuring a fair electoral process in the province.


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