’’خواہ مخواہ پولیٹیکل پارٹی‘‘ کا نظام عمل


The demand of Pakistanis is that their loved ones are brought to their feet. Photo: File

Dear people! ‘Khwaah Mukhwaah Political Party’ group, in your service, is presenting its election manifesto. You will be surprised to know that what this name is, so we present the reason of our group’s name before presenting the manifesto. In fact, when our group was formed, its name was ‘Politically-free Political Party’ and this name was kept after much thought to the fact that neither was there any capitalist nor landlord in our group, none of us is related to any political family, nor have we the ability to make false claims, so we formed the policy of Politically Free and our group became Politically Free Party! Now you say why was the name of the Politically Free Party changed.
We did not change it for no reason, but when the effects of ‘Balla’ were evident, we thought of the similar portrayal of the phrase ‘the boy feeling behind the monkey’s head’, understanding the reason of our group as ‘Balla…Reason’ and not stopping us from participation in the elections without any reason, so we changed our name to ‘Khwaah Mukhwaah Political Party’.
Now let’s go to the manifesto.
Dear Pakistanis! We have thought that the foundation of our manifesto should be based on the pure public needs, demands and preferences, and for awareness of public needs, requirements and demands, we have arranged our election manifesto based on information obtained from newspapers written on walls and social media. Please note: The demand of Pakistanis is to bring the loved ones to their feet. Those employees and ‘professors’ are not found in the feet of loved ones, but in the neighborhoods, even the loved ones were not found. While keeping this old demand in view, we promise that within a period of six months of forming the government, we will bring the loved one of every Pakistani to his feet. For this purpose, a separate ‘Loved Ministry’ will be established, its purpose is to place the loved ones in the petitioners’ feet after holding beloved comprehensive.

We promise that the treatment of extortion will be done on public expenditure. Keeping in mind the spread of the disease, teams will be formed like the polio drop administ ratio n teams. The present arrangements for molesting, but they will have to be focused on the loved ones. In addition, a separate ‘Loving Department’ will be established to turn the stone-hearted loved ones into soft-hearted ones, through which the loved ones will be made so soft-hearted that they will stand in the applicant’s feet without any attempt and say, ‘’more command?” Just pray that our group once reaches the ‘boots’ of ‘loved ones’, then the whole country will be in our feet and your loved one in your feet.
We pledge that the treatment of male dysfunction will be carried out at public expense. Keeping in mind the spread of this ‘disease’, teams will be set up like the polio drop administ ratio n teams, and they will go from house to house and ask, “Do you have any big ones?” The loved party considers such instructions as a severe violation of human rights. Was this country not made for us so that we could not even have this basic freedom? The areas where this expression is written will have our government write, “Come, Come … Urinate,” otherwise, we will demand to at least have all those places identified through maps where urinating is not prohibited.
We have resolved that our government will make a practical wisdom to bring about the hidden diseases. It is surprising that every big hidden disease is written on the country’s wall, but no government has been successful in searching for them so that there is no proof that the hidden diseases are missing. We will set up an agency, in which skilled workers will be included who are adept at tracking down political workers, and the responsibility for finding hidden diseases will be handed over to them.
As soon as it became apparent how our nation demonstrates their excitement on Facebook, it is apparent how important it is for the whole nation to know about their daily activities presented in this way. Our group, after becoming government, will prevent government TV, all private TV channels from presenting those occupations on social media in a manner that should also become part of their news and breaking news.
We assured you that every we will see these news daily on TV in this way and it is also about to humanity that we will make all the characters bound to take the public’s opinion and consultation before making decisions about marriage and divorce. They can be informed through such announcements, not only about public opinions but also about orders, “Famous actress Bright star and famous actor Khan, after separation from the likes of those, unification advice and the Herersamaan lady consents and disagreement with which can be indicated after counting the number of posts, a decision will be made.”
Our group considers marriage and divorce recommendations from the public equally important. We will band with each character to take public opinion and consultation before deciding on marriage and divorce. They can be informed through such announcements not only about public opinions but also about orders, “Feodavi, famous actor, is saddened by the loss of his wife, as you can see in your screen, the incident is apparent, and for details we go to our representative Achhun Farag.” Loving Princess tells that she was going from one room to another, she was hurt when the cursed table came in her way, it is clear that the sense of doing a bad joke occurred to him after the injury.
So dear Pakistanis! This is our manifesto. We are sure that this manifesto, made to meet the desires of the Pakistani people, will be approved by you and you will make us happy by voting.


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