World Press Freedom Day: Karachi journalists show solidarity with Palestinian journalists


Karachi: Photo Express

On global press freedom day in Karachi, tribute was paid to the Palestinian journalists who were martyred as a result of Israeli barbarism in Gaza.

According to details, a protest demonstration was organized outside the Karachi Press Club by the Joint Action Committee to mark World Press Freedom Day, in which representatives of journalistic organizations and media workers participated.

During the protest, the demonstrators wore scarves (keffiyeh) with Palestinian cultural symbols and expressed solidarity with the journalists who were martyred as a result of Israeli aggression.

In addition, the organizers demanded the immediate arrest and punishment of the killers of journalist Wajid Durrani, who was martyred today.

The protesters condemned harassment of journalists, baseless cases against them, and hindrance of their work, as well as demanded timely payment of salaries and perks in media organizations.

Speaking to the protesters, AH Khanzada, a representative of the journalistic organization, said that the efforts are being made to violate the global conscience today, questioning why the developed countries are silent on the ongoing barbarism in Gaza.

He said that Israel is bombing hospitals, elderly, women, and children, and anyone who speaks against Israel faces consequences. No complaints from the American, French, Australian, Canadian public as western nations are raising their voices in support of Palestine’s rights.

He said that action is being taken against the supporters of Palestine in the western world, questioning what response will be given by Muslim rulers Shahbaz Sharif and Roz Mahashar.

Furthermore, all press clubs outside have organized protests in all major and minor cities of the country and demanded to ensure press freedom in Pakistan.


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