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Why Imran Khan’s life is under serious Threat? Altaf Hussain’s Emergence, MQM’s renewal & Estab?

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Why Imran Khan’s life remains at Risk? What are the similarities between Imran Khan & Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto? Are Pakistan’s people politically aware? If they were then how could ruling elite and Establishment continue to fool them in the name of Islam, national security and through sham trials like Cipher and Toskha Khana?
What is the significance of Altaf Hussain’s reemergence at this point? Will we see more interviews of Altaf Hussain soon in the coming days and weeks? Who desperately needs renewal of MQM vote bank in Karachi? Why?

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Moeed Pirzada, Editor Global Village Space, is a prominent TV Anchor and strategic Analyst. He studied International Relations at School of Internatioal and Public Affairs, Columbia University New York and was later a Brittanica Chevening Scholar at London School of Economics & Political Studies (LSE) where he studied law. Earlier he served in Central Superior Services (CSS) in Pakistan.

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