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What America Needs from Pak Generals & Modi? Why Six Brave Judges Not Afraid? PTI Grassroots Win?

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Moeed Pirzada, Editor Global Village Space, is a prominent TV Anchor and strategic Analyst. He studied International Relations at School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University New York and was later a Brittanica Chevening Scholar at London School of Economics & Political Studies (LSE) where he studied law. Earlier he served in Central Superior Services (CSS) in Pakistan.




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This video, like all other videos on this channel, offers opinions and analysis on ongoing political developments and events or actions by public figures and celebrities, in Pakistan, United States and elsewhere. Facts whenever these are discussed are already reported by mainstream media publications, newspapers, TV Channels, and online publications of opinion makers. Wherever possible sources are shown on screen, or referred to orally. In certain instances events referred to may be so well known and publicly discussed that these are considered public knowledge and specific reference may not be necessary. All opinions and analysis is offered, as drawn through “Dot Connecting” of publicly known facts and under the concept of “Fair Comment” on events and public figures.

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