Video footage shows Indian workers stuck in Himalayan tunnel for 10 days | Construction News


Rescue workers have made contact with 41 workers trapped in a collapsed road tunnel in the Indian Himalayas. The workers were seen on camera for the first time, showing them standing in a confined space and communicating with the rescuers. The men appeared exhausted and anxious, but are safe and have access to light, oxygen, food, water, and medicines. Efforts to drill new passageways to free them are underway, and multiple plans are being considered to pull the workers out. The men have been advised to take care of themselves and are in good spirits, eagerly awaiting their rescue. Foreign experts, including Australian disaster investigator Arnold Dix, have been involved in the efforts. The trapped men are low-wage workers from poor states in India’s north and east, and have been in the tunnel since it caved in on November 12. Despite the challenges, rescuers remain committed to bringing them home safely.


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