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Supreme Court Stands United Against Military Courts: Significance of Narendra Modi’s Visit to Washington

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In an important development, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken a unified stance against the trial of civilians in military courts. This move is seen as a potential breakthrough, breaking the political stagnation that has plagued Pakistan since the unfortunate events of May 9. Chief Justice Pakistan has formed a nine-member bench to address this issue, following petitions from prominent figures such as Aitzaz Ahsan, Lateef Khosa, Salman Akram Raja, and ex-Chief Justice of Pakistan, Jawad Khawaja.

Meanwhile, from an international standpoint, the highly significant event is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States. This marks his first state visit, although it is his sixth visit to the country. Notably, he has been invited for a state dinner at the White House, highlighting the importance of this visit.

According to various news sources such as BBC, The Guardian, and CNBC, the United States sees India as a crucial ally in countering China’s influence in the region. The visit is anticipated to have a profound impact on India-US relations and is expected to address various aspects of this bilateral relationship.

Furthermore, a CNBC report highlights the divide within the Indian American diaspora, with only 49% of Indian Americans supporting Modi, compared to 77% of Indians in India. This visit to the US also sheds light on the deep divides within the diaspora community.

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