Protesting Students Block Sciences Po in Paris Against Israel’s War on Gaza | Israel-Gaza Conflict Sparks Demonstrations


Students at the prestigious Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) university in Paris have blocked access to the institution in protest of Israel’s war on Gaza. They are demanding that the university condemn Israel’s actions, joining a wave of similar demonstrations at universities and colleges in the United States.

The students, showing their support for Palestinians, have hung Palestinian flags from windows and the building’s entrance. Some are wearing the keffiyeh head scarf as a sign of solidarity with Gaza.

“We hope this movement spreads to France as well, as it has in the United States and Australia. The academic world has a role to play in speaking out against these atrocities,” said Hicham, a 22-year-old master’s student at Sciences Po.

The students want Sciences Po to condemn Israel’s actions and are encouraged by the increasing mobilization of students at other universities.

“We will continue to protest until the genocide in Gaza stops. We urge all universities to join us in this important cause,” said Zoe, a 20-year-old master’s student.

Despite the students’ efforts, Sciences Po officials have not yet responded to their demands. Police reportedly removed a group of students from the university on Wednesday night, a move that has been criticized by left-wing politicians.


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