Priyanka Gandhi does not consider it necessary to respond to Kangana Ranaut’s nonsense


Actress Kangana Ranaut is contesting the election on the BJP ticket.

New Delhi: Opposition party Congress’s leader Sonia Gandhi’s daughter and party’s General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has strongly criticized actress Kangana Ranaut, who is the candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party.
According to the Indian media, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, dismissing Kangana Ranaut’s statements, said that our party focuses on solving problems and serving the people.
Priyanka Gandhi said that I do not have time to respond to Kangana Ranaut’s nonsense, but I am grateful that she is talking about us.
It is to be noted that actress Kangana Ranaut is contesting the Lok Sabha election on the BJP ticket in Himachal Pradesh and in her speeches, she is targeting Congress and its leaders with severe criticism.
Priyanka Gandhi is also preparing to contest the election from her mother Sonia Gandhi’s constituency and is currently very active in politics.


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