Prime Minister Kakar is working to modernize fisheries in Gwadar


In a meeting with the Gwadar Shipping and Clearing Agents Association, the prime minister expressed the government’s commitment to fully exploit the export potential of fisheries in Gwadar. The delegation, including President Abdur Raheem Zafar, Secretary General Hameed Baloch, and Faisal Dashti, requested the prime minister to allow the import of a certain portion of government’s cargos through the Gwadar Port before it becomes fully operational. The prime minister instructed the relevant authorities to prepare a comprehensive report on this matter. Emphasizing Gwadar’s future potential as a hub of sea trade, the prime minister mentioned the government’s efforts to establish industries at the port and develop communication infrastructure to connect the industrial areas. He also stressed the importance of providing employment opportunities and international standard facilities to the people of Gwadar for the progress of the port. The delegation also raised concerns about the challenges faced by shipping clearing agents and fisheries, to which the prime minister assured that their issues would be prioritized and addressed. Additionally, the delegation appreciated the government’s initiatives to provide employment and professional training to fishermen and to address the overall problems of Gwadar city.


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