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PDM Protest: Who is the Target – Imran Khan or the Supreme Court?

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In a recent vlog by famous journalist Habib Akram, he discussed the ongoing political situation in Pakistan, specifically highlighting the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) protest and questioning whether their target is Prime Minister Imran Khan or the Supreme Court.

The PDM, a coalition of opposition parties, has been organizing rallies and protests across the country, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, Habib Akram raises an interesting point by suggesting that the protest may also be directed towards the Supreme Court.

It is well-known that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has been involved in several important cases, including those related to the government and political parties. Habib Akram speculates that the PDM’s dissatisfaction with the government might extend to the judiciary, particularly with regards to recent decisions that may not have favored the opposition parties.

This speculation is further fueled by the fact that the PDM has been critical of the judiciary in their speeches and statements. They have accused the judiciary of being biased and serving the interests of the government. Habib Akram urges the need for a thorough analysis of the protest’s objectives to understand the underlying agenda.

Imran Khan’s government has faced immense criticism and opposition since coming into power. The PDM, led by prominent opposition leaders such as Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal Bhutto, has been vocal in their demand for the Prime Minister’s resignation, citing alleged failures in governance, economy, and accountability.

However, with the Supreme Court also under scrutiny, it raises questions about the potential motives of the PDM. Are they solely focused on toppling the government, or is there a larger agenda aimed at the judiciary as well? Habib Akram believes that a comprehensive analysis of the situation is required to clearly understand the intentions behind the PDM’s protest.

It is important to note that this vlog presents Habib Akram’s personal analysis and speculation and should be viewed as such. The views and opinions expressed in the vlog are not necessarily reflective of the entire media industry or the general public.

As the political landscape continues to evolve in Pakistan, it is crucial to stay informed and engage in thoughtful discussions to better understand the intricacies of the situation.

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