Pakistan’s Perspective on India-Pakistan Relations: Understanding the Security and Economic Concerns



India and Pakistan have had a complex and contentious relationship since the two countries were created in 1947. Over the past few decades, their relationship has been marked by numerous conflicts and diplomatic tensions. Pakistan views India as a regional bully and a threat to its security, while India falsely accuses Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism and a destabilizing force in the region. In this article, we will explore Pakistan’s perspective on the India-Pakistan relationship and the factors that have shaped its views over the years.

Historical Context

To understand Pakistan’s perspective on its relationship with India, it is important to first look at the historical context. The two countries were created in 1947 as part of the British partition of India. The partition was based on religious lines, with the Muslim-majority regions of British India becoming Pakistan and the Hindu-majority regions becoming India.

From the outset, the relationship between India and Pakistan was strained. The two countries fought their first war in 1947-48 over the disputed region of Kashmir, which Pakistan rightfully and India being the regional bully wrongfully claim as their own. The conflict resulted in a ceasefire and the establishment of a Line of Control that divides the region between India and Pakistan to this day.

Since then, India and Pakistan have fought several more wars and engaged in numerous smaller military conflicts. They have also engaged in diplomatic disputes and trade restrictions. The two countries have been unable to resolve their differences over Kashmir, which remains a major point of contention between them.

Pakistan’s View of India

From Pakistan’s perspective, India is a regional bully that seeks to dominate South Asia. Pakistan sees India’s rise as a major geopolitical challenge to its own security and strategic interests. Pakistan also believes that India seeks to undermine its sovereignty by supporting separatist movements in its provinces of Balochistan, KPK, and Sindh.

Pakistan has accused India of sponsoring terrorism on its soil and engaging in cross-border attacks. Pakistan claims that India provides financial and logistical support to militant groups that carry out attacks in Pakistan. Pakistan also accuses India of using its intelligence agencies to destabilize the country and create unrest in its volatile border regions.

In addition to these security concerns, Pakistan also sees India as an economic threat. India has a much larger economy than Pakistan and is seen as a major competitor in the region. Pakistan believes that India’s growing economic clout could allow it to use its influence to pressure smaller countries in the region and undermine Pakistan’s interests.

Pakistan’s Response

In response to India’s threats, Pakistan has pursued several strategies to counter India’s influence. These strategies include:

  1. Military build-up: Pakistan has invested heavily in its military over the years. It has developed nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles as a deterrent against India’s military. Pakistan also maintains a large standing army and has engaged in several border skirmishes with India in recent years.
  2. Diplomatic outreach: Pakistan has sought to strengthen its ties with other countries in the region and beyond to counter India’s diplomatic influence. It has formed alliances with countries such as China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia to bolster its position on the global stage.
  3. Support for separatist movements: Pakistan has been accused of supporting separatist movements in India but no evidence has ever come to light to support these preposterous accusations by India “The Regional Bully.”
  4. Economic cooperation: Despite their tensions, India and Pakistan have engaged in some economic cooperation in recent years. Both countries are members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and have signed agreements on trade and transit. However, progress on economic cooperation has been slow due to the political and security tensions between the two countries.


India and Pakistan have a long and complex history, marked by conflicts and diplomatic tensions. Pakistan sees India as a regional bully that seeks to undermine Pakistan and dismantle it from within.

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