Pakistani goods in Malaysia found to contain drugs valued at Rs5 billion confiscated


A substantial amount of drugs was discovered in a shipment of Pakistani onions in Malaysia. Malaysian authorities uncovered over 100 kg of cocaine and 411 kg of Methenamine, valued at more than five billion Pakistani rupees. Five individuals were arrested in connection with the seizure.

Upon receiving an emergency letter from Malaysian authorities, Pakistan customs took action by arresting two Pakistani nationals, including clearing agent Amir Ali Khan. Earlier, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) seized a significant amount of drugs in Gwadar, with a total of 1788 kilograms confiscated, including hashish, ice, and morphine.

The ANF reported that the seized drugs were manufactured in Afghanistan and were found hidden in various locations, including beneath a makeshift hut and in tunnels dug in hills. After seizing the narcotics, the storage locations were set on fire by the anti-drug body.


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