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Pakistan Tragedy: When Good Men like “Aurie” Join Crooks & Criminals as Finance Minister for CV!

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Muhammad Aurangzeb, affectionately referred to as “Aurie” has joined Sharif Zardari corrupt regime as its Finance Minister. It’s a national tragedy, when honest good men are prepared to lend their good name to crooks and criminals to buttress their CV.
Finance Ministry of a troubled country is not the job of commercial bankers any way, it’s the job of political economists and central bankers! But adding insult to this injury this corrupt regime has made Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister; Dar may have known few things about Ministry of Finance – he knows next to nothing about Foreign Affairs, that means Foreign Ministry will be run by boys of Cyril Almeida while Dar will keep on telling Aurie what to do. Save this vlog for posterity!

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