Pakistan remains updated about the ‘horrifying killing’ of 9 nationals in Saravan and is in touch with Iran


An Iranian news agency reported that this morning, unknown armed men killed nine non-Iranians in a house in the Sirkan neighborhood of Saravan city in the Sistan-Baluchistan province. So far, no group or individuals have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Following the incident, a statement was issued by FO spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, condemning the attack and emphasizing the need for immediate investigation and accountability for those involved. The statement can be viewed here.

The spokesperson also mentioned that Pakistan’s consul in Zahedan was en route to the hospital where injured individuals are being treated and is expected to arrive in a few hours. The consul plans to meet with local authorities to stress the urgent need for strong action against the perpetrators of the crime.

Mumtaz Zahra Baloch declared that Pakistan is fully aware of the gravity of the matter and is taking all necessary measures, including expeditiously repatriating the deceased. Additionally, the Foreign Office Spokesperson expressed resolve, stating that such cowardly attacks cannot deter Pakistan from its determination to fight terrorism.

In response to the killings, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Iran condemned the attack and called upon Iran to extend full cooperation with Pakistani authorities in the matter. The ambassador’s statement can be viewed here.

The development came a day after Mudassir arrived in Tehran while his Iranian counterpart landed in Islamabad, signaling the full restoration of diplomatic relations between the two neighboring countries following deadly cross-border attacks.


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