Nawaz pledges to introduce train service between Islamabad and Murree after the 2024 election.


Addressing a public gathering in Murree today, Nawaz Sharif stated that the youth are supporting his party, and emphasized Pakistan’s unwavering support for the people of Indian illegally Jammu and Kashmir.

The former prime minister also criticized the PTI government for not fulfilling their promises and failing to make progress for Pakistan, pledging to rebuild the country if his party secures victory in the upcoming elections.

In an earlier public gathering in Gujranwala, he promised to work towards eliminating poverty and unemployment in the country if elected.

Nawaz Sharif also highlighted Transparency International’s report, stating that under his government, Pakistan’s ranking on the graft index improved and the prices of essential goods were at their lowest. He further accused a judge of playing a role in his ouster, noting that the judge resigned after sentencing him.

He concluded by expressing his belief that if his government had remained in power, the people would have been satisfied and able to make ends meet.


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