Karachi’s Chicken Prices Stabilized at Rs 502/kg


The Commissioner Karachi has issued a notification regarding chicken prices in the city. The price of chicken meat has been set at Rs 502 per kg, while the price of chicken in the poultry form is Rs 310 per kg. The wholesale price of chicken is fixed at Rs 318 per kg.

In February 2023, the price of chicken meat in Karachi rose significantly and reached Rs 700 per kg. This increase has made chicken unaffordable for the middle class, with live chicken being priced at Rs 500.

The rise in prices is attributed to the closure of several poultry businesses due to a shortage of feed. In other cities such as Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the price of chicken has also reached a record high, with poultry meat being sold for Rs 700-705 per kg. In Lahore, the second most populous city, chicken meat is priced between Rs 550-600 per kg.

The government has initiated an investigation to determine the cause of the feed shortage.


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