It is mandatory for Pakistan president elections to be held 30 days after polls, says ECP


After the general elections of 2024 and the release of preliminary results, preparations for the upcoming presidential elections and the first session of all assemblies are underway, as mandated by the Constitution. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced that the schedule for the presidential election will be issued on March 1, with a deadline of March 2 for the submission of nomination papers. Candidates for the presidential election can obtain the nomination papers from the ECP secretariat in Islamabad or any provincial election commissioner. The ECP has also referenced Articles 91 and 130 of the Constitution, which dictate the timeline for the convening of the National Assembly after the general elections.

In response to the delay in summoning the first session of the National Assembly, President Arif Alvi cited the incomplete composition of the house as the reason. It is reported that the president is awaiting a notification from the ECP regarding the reserved seats of the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) before proceeding with the session. The Speaker of the National Assembly will administer the oath to the newly elected members, with the schedule for the election of a speaker and deputy speaker to be announced during the inaugural session.

According to the Constitution, the first session of the National Assembly must be convened within 21 days after the general elections. If the president fails to summon the session within the stipulated time, the secretariat of the National Assembly has the authority to announce the session. All necessary arrangements have been made by the secretariat for the smooth conduct of the first session of the new assembly.


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