Israeli Prime Minister Announces Second Phase of ‘Massacre’ in Gaza


Photo: Israeli media

Tel Aviv: Israel has announced the start of the second phase of the war by rejecting the United Nations General Assembly’s call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the occupier’s Zionist prime minister, said on Saturday during a press conference in Tel Aviv that the second phase of the war against Hamas had begun with the entry of more ground forces into Gaza on Friday night. Israel’s military objectives are clear, including the release of prisoners and the complete elimination of Hamas.

Netanyahu said that the decision to start ground action was made unanimously by the military and security cabinet. Our commanders and soldiers fighting in enemy territory know that the nation and leadership stand behind them. The ground operation in Gaza will be “long and difficult” according to Israel’s Prime Minister.

Netanyahu confirmed that the Israeli army is present throughout the Gaza Strip. Pamphlets have been dropped over Gaza City, warning residents that this area is now a “battlefield” and they should evacuate to southern Gaza.

The Israeli Prime Minister, without naming Turkey, accused them of making allegations of war crimes. He said, “If you think you can accuse our soldiers of war crimes, that is hypocrisy. We have the most ethical army in the world. The Israeli army is taking precautionary measures to protect civilians, while Hamas uses human shields.”

It is clear that the bombing of Gaza, which started on October 7th by Israel, intensified on Friday night, after which the transportation system was destroyed and internet services were completely shut down. Gaza’s residents have been cut off from the outside world.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Zionist army targeted the main hospital in Gaza, Al-Shifa, as well as the Indonesian hospital. Due to the internet blackout, information about the casualties in Israeli bombings cannot be obtained.

On the other hand, protests against the genocide of Palestinians by Israel continue worldwide. On Saturday, rallies were held in various countries, including Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq, Jordan, India, and Canada. Hundreds of thousands of people rallied in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the crowd.


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