Individuals and Company Linked to Hamas Face Sanctions from Japan amidst Israel-Palestine Conflict


Japan has taken action by imposing sanctions on nine individuals and a company accused of supporting Hamas, a Palestinian armed group. These measures include freezing the assets of those involved in funding Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip. The decision by Japan follows similar sanctions imposed by the United States earlier this month. Tokyo has been carefully navigating its stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict, aiming to maintain relations with the US, its closest ally, while also considering its ties with energy-supplying partners in the Middle East. Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has condemned Hamas’s attacks on Israel and called for the release of captives, while expressing concern about civilian casualties and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza. Despite calling on Israel to halt its assault to allow humanitarian aid, Japan abstained from voting on a United Nations resolution for an immediate humanitarian truce due to the resolution’s lack of explicit condemnation of Hamas.


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